Your customers ❤️ you. 

But they don't love your app. Yet. We can help.

You worked hard to earn your customers' trust

You worked your tail off to build a company that customers love interacting with. They talk to their friends and leave glowing reviews about how amazing your customer service is.

You need an app that works, yesterday

To stay ahead of the competition and satisfy customer demand, you decided that you needed an app. Maybe you hired a cheap offshore team to develop one but they didn't come through. Or maybe you inherited the software. Either way, the app you're left with is riddled with bugs, crashes, and incomplete features.

You need a trusted software partner, not a programmer-for-hire

Managing user stories, development task dependencies and troubleshooting bugs are not why you got into your field. Our ideal client excels at their core competency and needs a trusted partner to manage the software side of the organization.

Our Services

App Triage

Our introductory offer is a great way to find out if we're the right fit with minimal risk. We'll do a comprehensive audit of your tech stack and workflows to ensure we move in the direction of your app achieving your business goals. We'll also "stop the bleeding"—fix outstanding issues that absolutely have to be fixed now.

We'll lay out a blueprint that you can take elsewhere or dovetail directly into our App Rescue service. This blueprint includes wireframe mockups (what and where) and technical architecture design (how).  

Flat Price: $3,000 Time Frame: 1–2 weeks 

Free consultation

App Rescue

Our flagship service is tailor-made to begin dramatically increasing customer satisfaction in a short amount of time. We'll take your current tech stack, update it with best engineering practices, and get to work fixing and polishing your app, starting with the most glaring customer-facing issues. Our team already consists of domain experts vetted by experienced engineers—you don't have to interview designers and coders yourself.  

Price: starting at $4,500/week

App Triage

  • Comprehensive audit of tech stack
  • “Stop the bleeding”
  • Blueprint you can take elsewhere
  • Wireframe mockups
  • Technical architecture design

fixed price $3,000 

time frame 1–2 weeks

App Rescue

  • Dramatically increase customer satisfaction quickly
  • Update your tech stack with engineering best practices
  • Domain experts vetted by experienced engineers

starting at $4,500/week

Happy customer, happy life

We help small businesses like yours develop great apps that customers love. Here are some highlights.

REC TEC Grills

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